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What's your favorite intramural sport?
Baseball  10%  (29 votes)
Basketball  26%  (71 votes)
Football  30%  (81 votes)
Soccer  32%  (88 votes)


School Description

The purpose of Intramural Sports at the University of Washington is to provide a comprehensive and varied program of both competitive and recreational experiences designed to meet the needs and interests of regularly enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty/staff members.  Competition is offered in sports for Women, Men, and also where men and women are combined on teams (Co-Rec).  Competition is provided in the form of leagues, tournaments, and /or special events each quarter.  Team, dual and individual sport activities are designed to accommodate all individuals regardless of their level of skill and experience.  Even if you have never participated in competitive sports before, there is a place for you in the intramural program.

The programs offered are based upon participant interest and the availability of resources and facilities.  Some of the activities have divisions that are restricted to student participation while other divisions are restricted to faculty/staff participation.  Many of the activities are structured so that students and faculty/staff members may participate on teams together.  Specific eligibility requirements are included in activity information bulletins that are available in the Programs Office (Room 300) in the Intramural Activities Building (IMA).

Captains must submit  payment on line at http://www.washington.edu/ima/  starting June 16 at 9am.

All rosters must be created & maintained on-line