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How to Play

Welcome to The McDowell Family Intramural Program at Oklahoma Baptist University! 

The Intramural Program at Oklahoma Baptist University is designed to provide an opportunity for every student,employee, and alumni to participate in organized recreational competition. Over 700 different individuals participated this last year with over 1600 players in all! Structured leagues and tournaments are offered in a diverse array of sport activities from flag football and softball to sand volleyball and racquetball. The majority of games are played on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 7pm-11pm, Wed. nights at 9&10pm, and Sunday Evenings from 8pm-11pm. So satisfy your urge to play - read on and learn how to become involved in OBU intramurals just for the fun of it.
For it is,  in His name we play...

Announcements & Events

David  AnnouncementWed, Dec 18 10:29 AM
Dates are scheduled for this JTerm's Intramural activity. The "Beat A Prof" challenge will be going on through Jterm with multiple events scheduled. Sign up now to play! It's also FREE...