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School Description

The NIRSA Championship Series gives college recreational sports participants an opportunity to
compete, coordinate, officiate, and connect with skilled peers from other schools and take all the
benefits of recreational competition to a higher level. Currently, the NIRSA Champion Series offers
the following sports tournaments & leagues:
  • Regional/National Basketball Championship
  • Regional/National Basketball Championships
  • National Tennis OnCampus Championships
  • Regional/National Soccer Championships
  • NIRSA Club Basketball Leagues
And it’s more than just competition, the NIRSA Championship Series is also a platform for
professional development, as up-and-coming professionals build skills and engage in all
levels of learning through their programming, staff, official, and volunteer positions. The
passion of these leaders drives the exceptional execution of our professionally organized
tournaments, which propels the experiences and growth opportunities of participants. The
rich environment of inclusive competition, sportsmanship, and professional development—
from participants to fans to volunteers—supports communities of health and wellness, which
is what NIRSA is all about.

All League and Tournament Registration can be found in the link at the top of this page, "NIRSA Sports". 

Announcements & Events

Kendra  AnnouncementWed, Sep 18 02:39 PM
Click on the "NIRSA Sports" link above. Find your respective tournament--whether it is Soccer, Basketball or Flag Football--and register!  You must create an IM Leagues account prior to r...

Kendra  AnnouncementThu, Sep 12 03:27 PM
Click on the "NIRSA Sports" link above. Find your respective region and register!  You must create an IM Leagues account to register and create a team. If you do not have an exist...