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What is your Favorite Intramural Sport in the spring?


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ASU Students,


On behalf of Albany State University Intramural Sports and Recreation, I would like to thank you for your interest in our program. The Intramural Sports Department offers a variety of recreational activities for your enjoyment. I encourage you to peruse the 2013-2014 IM Sports Handbook to find a sport or activity that interests you.


In addition to encouraging student involvement in our sports, the Intramural Sports Department is actively seeking hard working students to serve as intramural officials for the upcoming year. The Intramural Sports Department will conduct officials’ clinics and tests in an attempt to provide teams with the best officiating possible. Students, you may play on an intramural team and still be an official.


The Intramural Sports Department is constantly attempting to improve our program. Consequently, we need your feedback on what we can do to enhance your recreational experience. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions for the Intramural Sports Department, please contact the Intramural Sports office – 229.903.3602.


With Ram Pride,


Benard Goins

Program Coordinator of Recreation & Intramural Sports

Spring 2014

Past Sports
4-ON-4 Basketball Registration Season  
ASU Closed Dec 3 Midnight - Jan 8 Midnight
Join Teams Until:01/08/14 Midnight
Jan 10 - Mar 7  
Basketball Registration Season  
Men's League
Payment: $35.00 Team
Closed Nov 20 Midnight - Jan 17 4:00PM
Join Teams Until:02/03/14 2:00 PM
Jan 27 - Feb 27  
Women's League
Payment: $35.00 Team
Closed Dec 2 1:00PM - Jan 21 8:00PM
Join Teams Until:02/06/14 10:00 PM
Jan 28 - Mar 7  
Kickball Registration Season  
Payment: $10.00 Team
Closed Jan 1 1:00AM - Apr 7 1:00AM
Join Teams Until:04/07/14 1:00 AM
Apr 8 - Apr 30  
NBA 2K Tournament Registration Season  
Payment: $5.00 Team
Closed Jan 2 1:00AM - Feb 12 10:00PM
Join Teams Until:02/12/14 10:00 PM
Feb 13 - Feb 13  
Ping Pong Registration Season  
Ping Pong
Payment: $1.00 Player
Closed Nov 19 1:00AM - Jan 14 5:00PM
Join Teams Until:01/14/14 5:00 PM
Jan 15 - Jan 16  
Payment: $1.00 Player
Closed Jan 23 1:00PM - Apr 7 11:45PM
Join Teams Until:02/04/14 11:00 PM
Feb 13 - Feb 14  
Pool Tournament Registration Season  
Payment: $1.00 Player
Closed Jan 2 6:00PM - Mar 12 7:00PM
Join Teams Until:03/12/14 7:00 PM
Mar 12 - Mar 12  
Punt, Pass, Kick Registration Season  
ASU Closed Nov 30 Midnight - Feb 5 10:00PM
Join Teams Until:02/05/14 10:00 PM
Feb 8 - Mar 30  
Spades Tournament Registration Season  
ASU 102
Payment: $5.00 Team
Closed Jan 3 1:00AM - Feb 15 8:00PM
Join Teams Until:02/15/14 8:00 PM
Feb 16 - Feb 16  
Tennis Registration Season  
Tennis League Closed Dec 2 Noon - Apr 3 9:00PM
Join Teams Until:04/03/14 6:00 PM
Apr 7 - Apr 21