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What is your favorite intramural sport?
Basketball  48%  (15 votes)
Flag Football  38%  (12 votes)
Flag Football
Soccer  12%  (4 votes)




        Welcome to Simpson College’s Intramural Homepage on imleagues!



Announcements & Events

Nicole  AnnouncementTue, Sep 2 03:18 PM
 NEW IMLeagues Mobile App! IMLeagues is now accessible on your mobile phone! REC*IT gives you mobile access to all your intramural and rec center activities. Schedules, results, stats, real-time...

Nicole  AnnouncementMon, Sep 8 05:11 PM
Due to lighting and heavy rain, today's games are cancelled. 9.8 

SportLeagueReg StartReg EndJoin Teams UntilSeason
Outdoor Soccer '14Coed Outdoor SoccerOpen2-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/07-10/08
Outdoor Soccer '14Men's Outdoor SoccerOpen2-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/07-10/08
SC vs. DMACC FBCoedOpen4-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/05-10/06
SC vs. DMACC VBCoedOpen4-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/05-10/06
Field HockeyCoedOpen6-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/09-10/10
HomecomingDodgeballCoedOpen12-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/16-10/17
6on6 VolleyballCoedOpen15-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/20-10/21
6on6 VolleyballMen'sOpen15-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/20-10/21
6on6 VolleyballWomen'sOpen15-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/20-10/21
IM Lunch Fun OctOctober 22Open21-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/22-10/23
Bags '14FallOpen22-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/26-10/27
Eclipse Ball fallCoedOpen22-Oct @MidnightAnytime10/27-10/28
Simpson Fitness 14Abs AttackOpen4-Dec @MidnightAnytime8/27-12/06
Simpson Fitness 14DieselOpen4-Dec @MidnightAnytime8/27-12/06
Simpson Fitness 14Guts-n-GlutesOpen4-Dec @MidnightAnytime8/27-12/06
Simpson Fitness 14Kickboxing BootcampOpen4-Dec @MidnightAnytime8/27-12/06
Simpson Fitness 14TNTOpen4-Dec @MidnightAnytime8/27-12/06
Simpson Fitness 14YogaOpen4-Dec @MidnightAnytime8/27-12/06
Simpson Fitness 14ZumbaOpen4-Dec @MidnightAnytime8/27-12/06
2 Person Fall VBCoedClosedClosedAnytime9/08-9/29
2 Person Fall VBMenClosedClosedAnytime9/08-9/29
2 Person Fall VBWomenClosedClosedAnytime9/08-9/29
Fall Sand VBCoed Sand VBClosedClosedAnytime9/08-9/29
Flag Football Fall 14CoedClosedClosedAnytime9/11-9/26
Flag Football Fall 14Men'sClosedClosedAnytime9/11-9/26
Flag Football Fall 14Women'sClosedClosedAnytime9/11-9/26
IM Lunch Fun SeptemberSeptember 17-KerplunkClosedClosedAnytime9/17-9/18
Wild Card BagsWild Card BagsClosedClosedAnytime8/29-8/30
Wild Card CroquetWild Card CroquetClosedClosedAnytime8/29-8/30
Wild Card Pole FrisbeeWild Card Pole FrisbeeClosedClosedAnytime8/29-8/30
Wild Card VolleyballWild Card VBClosedClosedAnytime8/29-8/30