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What is your favorite intramural sport?
Basketball  48%  (16 votes)
Flag Football  39%  (13 votes)
Flag Football
Soccer  12%  (4 votes)




        Welcome to Simpson College’s Intramural Homepage on imleagues!



Announcements & Events

Nicole  AnnouncementThu, Oct 23 01:57 PM
Upcoming activities: Wiffleball Coed division only, two day tournament (Nov. 5 & 6), teams consist of 10 players on the field but bat up to 12 players. This game is baseball indoors, played...

Nicole  AnnouncementMon, Dec 8 02:38 PM
Get signed up for 5-on-5 Basketball before you leave for break! Games will start on JANUARY 18. MEN'S A-Competitive MEN'S B-Recreation, but can have one A player on team WOMEN ...

SportLeagueReg StartReg EndJoin Teams UntilSeason
Tues. Night CardsFebruary 3Open2-Feb @MidnightAnytime2/03-2/04
Dodgeball '15Coed DodgeballOpen8-Feb @MidnightAnytime2/12-2/17
Floor Hockey '15CoedOpen12-Feb @MidnightAnytime2/18-2/24
Tues. Night CardsFebruary 17Open16-Feb @MidnightAnytime2/17-2/18
Indoor Soccer '15CoedOpen21-Feb @MidnightAnytime2/25-3/02
Indoor Soccer '15MenOpen21-Feb @MidnightAnytime2/25-3/02
Tues. Night CardsFebruary 24Open23-Feb @MidnightAnytime2/24-2/25
Racquet Ball '15Women 2xOpen24-Feb @MidnightAnytime3/02-3/05
Racquet Ball '15Coed 2xOpen25-Feb @MidnightAnytime3/02-3/05
Racquet Ball '15Men's 2xOpen25-Feb @MidnightAnytime3/02-3/05
Sabakiball '15CoedOpen11-Mar @MidnightAnytime3/16-3/17
Tchoukball '15CoedOpen18-Mar @MidnightAnytime3/23-3/24
Billiards '15Men's 2xOpen22-Mar @MidnightAnytime3/26-3/27
Billiards '15Women's 2xOpen22-Mar @MidnightAnytime3/26-3/27
Billiards '15Coed 2xOpen23-Mar @MidnightAnytime3/26-3/27
Easter Egg Hunt '15CoedOpen23-Mar @MidnightAnytime3/24-3/25
SIMPSON vs. DMACC '15CoedOpen24-Mar @MidnightAnytime3/25-3/26
Campus Day KickballCoedOpen27-Mar @MidnightAnytime4/01-4/03
Flag Football '15CoedOpen2-Apr @MidnightAnytime4/07-4/15
Flag Football '15MenOpen2-Apr @MidnightAnytime4/07-4/15
Tennis 2xCoed 2xOpen8-Apr @MidnightAnytime4/12-4/13
Tennis 2xMen 2xOpen8-Apr @MidnightAnytime4/12-4/13
Tennis 2xWomen 2xOpen8-Apr @MidnightAnytime4/12-4/13
Golf Tournament '15CoedOpen12-Apr @MidnightAnytime4/17-4/19
Bags '15CoedOpen13-Apr @MidnightAnytime4/16-4/17
Mud Volleyball '15CoedOpen13-Apr @MidnightAnytime4/18-4/19
Softball '15CoedOpen14-Apr @MidnightAnytime4/19-4/20
Softball '15MenOpen15-Apr @MidnightAnytime4/19-4/20
Simpson Fitness '15Ab AttackOpen16-Apr @MidnightAnytime1/23-4/21
Simpson Fitness '15Cardio/StrengthOpen16-Apr @MidnightAnytime1/23-4/21
Simpson Fitness '15DieselOpen16-Apr @MidnightAnytime1/23-4/21
Simpson Fitness '15Guts-n-GlutesOpen16-Apr @MidnightAnytime1/23-4/18
Simpson Fitness '15SweatshopOpen16-Apr @MidnightAnytime1/23-4/21
Simpson Fitness '15TNTOpen16-Apr @MidnightAnytime1/23-4/18
Simpson Fitness '15Tone It UpOpen16-Apr @MidnightAnytime1/23-4/21
Simpson Fitness '15ZumbaOpen16-Apr @MidnightAnytime1/23-4/21
Simpson Fitness '15YogaOpen19-Apr @MidnightAnytime1/14-4/21
5-on-5 BasketballCoedClosedClosedAnytime1/18-2/11
5-on-5 BasketballMen's AClosedClosedAnytime1/18-2/11
5-on-5 BasketballWomen'sClosedClosedAnytime1/18-2/11
IM Lunch Fun SeptemberSeptember 17-KerplunkClosedClosedAnytime9/17-9/18
Washers Tourn.'15WashersClosedClosedAnytime1/25-1/26
Wiffleball '14Coed WhiffleballClosedClosedAnytime11/05-11/07
Wild Card BagsWild Card BagsClosedClosedAnytime8/29-8/30
Wild Card CroquetWild Card CroquetClosedClosedAnytime8/29-8/30
Wild Card Pole FrisbeeWild Card Pole FrisbeeClosedClosedAnytime8/29-8/30
Wild Card VolleyballWild Card VBClosedClosedAnytime8/29-8/30

400-498 North D Street, Indianola, IA 50125, USA
Bill Buxton Stadium

M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Weekends Closed

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