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The University of Tennessee Intramural Sports Program is dedicated to providing all members of the university community, regardless of age, gender, handicap, skill level or past experience, opportunities to participate in recreational events in a fun and safe environment.

Annually, the program offers a wide range of team, dual, and individual activities aimed at maximizing student participation. Activities include flag football, sand volleyball, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, bowling, dodgeball, racquetball, kickball, floor hockey, inner tube water polo, ultimate frisbee, and much more. The majority of intramural activities are free to the students of the University of Tennessee who have paid their student activities fees, and all faculty and staff who have paid membership fees to the Recreational Sports Department.


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Mario  AnnouncementThu, Aug 28 04:15 PM
The NetID for most people is the beginning of your email address without "@vols.utk.edu", not your student id number.  You will NEVER use your student id number in this system.

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