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Want to get a jump on the competition? Duke Intramurals is opening up an Early Bird Registration period beginning December 1st @ 8:00am and closing December 7th @ Noon!

Teams & players will be permitted to create their teams in the Early Registration block on IMleagues under your league/division of choice. Please note that no matter what league or division you register under you will be automatically placed in the 'waitlist' for Early Registration. Furthermore (IMPORTANT), you must meet the minimum requirement of players for your team to move yourself off of the Early Registration list (5 total players registered and joined on your team roster on IMLeauges - Coed League in addition will require 3 females and 2 males to be registered and joined). Only Captains can move the team from this list into a league/division. Lastly (VERY IMPORTANT), those teams registered early does NOT confirm league/division play. When normal registration opens up on January 5th @ 8:00am, you MUST log into IMleagues, and move your team into the league/division to be confirmed. The Intramural Office and the IMleagues system will NOT do this automatically for you.

So what's the advantage? Your team can already have the minimum requirement of players, and simply move the team into the league/division when normal registration opens on JANUARY 5th @ 8:00AM. Teams not registered early can still register in these leagues/division, but must meet the minimum requirement of players before being confirmed for play.

The Leagues/Divisions:

*Please note that you may only play for 2 teams in the event that one team is within the Coed League. Leagues/Division are scheduled by specific days of the week - Please view the description under each league/division for this information.

Coed, Womens, 1st Year, Fraternity-A, Fraternity-B, Undergrad-A, Undergrad-B, Undergrad-C, Grad/Fac/Staff-A, Grad/Fac/Staff-B, Grad/Fac/Staff-C

A Leagues:  More competitive, higher skill level teams/players

B Leagues:  Moderate to Intermediate level of play

C Leagues:  Strictly beginner level teams/players, less competitive - more recreational

Coed/Womens/1st Year:  Open to all skill levels