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The mission of the Intramurals Sports program is to promote health and wellness, social interaction, fun, and peace of mind.  These aspects play and important part in the lives of all people, especially in a student’s development.  In addition to the benefit of physical fitness, we hope that a participant’s involvement enhances their diverse educational experience by the permanent development of a holistic lifestyle through leisure activities.  Through active participation in our programs, you will gain effective communication and leadership skills, positive self-esteem, and overall personal growth, not to mention the added bonus of meeting new friends!


The goal of our program is to establish fun and inviting playing environments for all skill levels. Various leagues and tournaments are offered to the entire College community each year. Whether you are looking for an enjoyable way to spend your leisure time, improve your physical fitness, meet new friends, gain valuable work experience or leadership skills, we have something for you!

Announcements & Events

W&J  AnnouncementThu, Jan 3 12:43 PM
Registration for Inner Tube Water Polo, Women's 4v4 Volleyball, and our Walleyball Tournament are now open! Water Polo: Tueday/Thursday, 7-9pm in the pool located on the lower level of He...

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