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Summer Quarter Sports 2014

CAPTAINS!! Please remember the sign up procedures. To competely sign up a team you must:

  1. Sign up online for the sport and league you wish to participate.
  2. Your team status will remain "pending."
  3. You must have the minimum number of players join your team to be accepted into the league or "confirmed".
  4. Once your team has been "confirmed" you will recieve an email containing information about the leagues and rules.

The Intramural Sports staff can be reached at 509-963-3511 or imsports@cwu.edu.

Announcements & Events

Jordan  AnnouncementMon, May 5 11:45 AM
Here is your opportunity to let us know how we can be better! Please take 3-5 minutes to complete the survey below. Let us know everything you enjoyed, disliked, want to improve, and any ideas yo...