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All of our league sports have MANDATORY CAPTAIN'S MEETINGS.
Make sure you show up on time!

Only one representative per team must attend the meeting.  Ideally the team captain will be the representative at the meeting since we go over important registration, roster, and league information.

There are no meetings for tournaments.
Click below to find out more info about each separate event.

Info will indicate whether or not spots are limited.
Pay attention to entry deadlines to make sure you don't miss out.

Please note: Before registration opens you can create a team in the Waitlist division for your league. This will allow you to start inviting players and getting organized.  However, once registration opens you must move your team to a specific division in order to reserve a spot. 


*Any additional details will be addressed at the Captain’s Meetings

If you already missed the meeting for your sport, create a team as soon as possible.  All messages regarding that certain sport will be sent via IMLeagues or through the APU Gmail domain.  

Questions? Contact     Austin (503) 348-7550  or awswift12@apu.edu 

                                     Marina (510) 499-4130 or mchapman11@apu.edu

                                     Matt (559) 974-3903 or mwiebe10@apu.edu