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Welcome to Rider University’s Intramural Homepage on IMLeagues!


Every Rider student, faculty and staff member is welcome to participate in the Rider Intramural Sports program.  You can form a team from your student group, residence hall, or department on campus, or you can sign up as a free agent.  All levels of experience are encouraged to play! 

For more information, contact:
Recreation Programs at 609-896-5000 ex. 7714
or recprograms@rider.edu

All forfeit fees must be paid prior to the registration deadline. Bring payment to the Intramural Office SRC 219 between 9am-430pm M-F. We will write a deposit slip for you to take to the Cashier's Office for deposit. Once complete, you will be given a receipt from the Cashier which you will bring back to the IM Office for proof of payment. If your team does not forfeit through out the season, you are eligible for a refund. If your team does not pay the fee prior to the registration deadline you will not be included in the schedule or added to the schedule.  If your team does not send one representatitve to the captain's meeting you will lose half of your forfeit fee for that season. 

Announcements & Events

Mike  AnnouncementSun, Sep 14 01:19 PM
Schedules for Flag Football, Outdoor Soccer, and Volleyball have been made! Please check the schedules as soon as you can and let us know if you have any immediate problems with the schedule. We wou...

Mike  AnnouncementThu, Sep 25 12:28 PM
Due to inclement weather, Outdoor Soccer Intramural games have been cancelled for Thursday, September 25th. Games will be rescheduled at some point. The teams that were supposed to play today...