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Fitness Center

Call the front desk at 540-432-4341 or contact Ted Erickson, fitness center operations coordinator, at 540-432-4331.

Rec and Intramural Sports

Email recsports@emu.edu or call Phil Tieszen, recreational sports director, at 540-432-4644.

Game Room

Call the front desk at 540-432-4375 or contact Game Room coordinator, Phil Tieszen, at philip.tieszen@emu.edu or 540-432-4644. The Game Room is closed during the summer, except for special events.




An EMU education helps students to find their purpose in life and prepare to make a difference for the common good at home and around the world. EMU’s rigorous academics emphasize one-on-one relationships with professors, cross-cultural awareness, care for creation, and service to others.

EMU offers undergraduate, graduate and seminary programs from a Mennonite Anabaptist perspective in a dynamic setting in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. This is what makes EMU a Christian university like no other.

Announcements & Events

Philip  AnnouncementTue, Feb 17 04:04 PM
Good Afternoon, We'd love to have you participate in one of our upcoming intramural sports!  Registration for dodgeball, outdoor soccer, and women's basketball is open until Sunday.  Start pu...

Philip  AnnouncementWed, Apr 8 12:55 PM
Good Afternoon, Playoff brackets are now available to view for Outdoor Soccer and Dodgeball.  Please note that regular season soccer games were cancelled on Monday and the playoffs will begin...

SportLeagueReg StartReg EndJoin Teams UntilSeason
Doubles TennisCo-Ed Doubles28-Aug @Midnight13-Sep @Midnight13-Sep @Midnight9/15-10/22
Flag FootballCo-ed League28-Aug @Midnight20-Sep @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight9/27-11/09
Flag FootballMen's League28-Aug @Midnight20-Sep @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight9/27-11/09
Floor HockeyA-League28-Aug @Midnight13-Sep @Midnight4-Oct @Midnight9/15-10/22
Floor HockeyB-League28-Aug @Midnight13-Sep @Midnight4-Oct @Midnight9/15-10/22
Frisbee GolfCapt's Choice Tourney28-Aug @Midnight22-Sep @Midnight26-Sep @Midnight9/26-9/27
KickballA-League28-Aug @Midnight13-Sep @Midnight4-Oct @Midnight9/15-10/22
Sand VolleyballA-League Tourney28-Aug @Midnight13-Sep @Midnight19-Sep @Midnight9/19-9/20
Sand VolleyballB-League Tourney28-Aug @Midnight13-Sep @Midnight19-Sep @Midnight9/19-9/20
Singles TennisMen's League28-Aug @Midnight13-Sep @Midnight13-Sep @Midnight9/15-10/22
Singles TennisWomen's League28-Aug @Midnight13-Sep @Midnight13-Sep @Midnight9/15-10/22
Bubble SoccerMen's Tournament20-Sep @Midnight11-Oct @Midnight17-Oct @Midnight10/17-10/18
Bubble SoccerWomen's Tournament20-Sep @Midnight11-Oct @Midnight17-Oct @Midnight10/17-10/18
Indoor SoccerA-League27-Sep @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight29-Nov @Midnight11/03-12/11
Indoor SoccerB-League27-Sep @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight29-Nov @Midnight11/03-12/11
Indoor SoccerC-League27-Sep @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight29-Nov @Midnight11/03-12/11
Late Night VolleyballA-League Tourney27-Sep @Midnight1-Nov @Midnight6-Nov @Midnight11/06-11/07
Late Night VolleyballB-League Tourney27-Sep @Midnight1-Nov @Midnight6-Nov @Midnight11/06-11/07
Late Night VolleyballC-League Tourney27-Sep @Midnight1-Nov @Midnight6-Nov @Midnight11/06-11/07
MaddenCompetitive League27-Sep @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight11/03-12/11
MaddenSocial League27-Sep @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight11/03-12/11
Men's BasketballA-League27-Sep @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight29-Nov @Midnight11/03-12/11
Men's BasketballB-League27-Sep @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight29-Nov @Midnight11/03-12/11
Table TennisCompetitive League27-Sep @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight11/03-12/11
Table TennisSocial League27-Sep @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight18-Oct @Midnight11/03-12/11
PoolCompetitive League8-Nov @Midnight5-Dec @Midnight2-Mar @Midnight1/14-3/03
PoolSocial League8-Nov @Midnight5-Dec @Midnight2-Mar @Midnight1/14-3/03
ChessCompetitive League9-Nov @Midnight6-Dec @Midnight2-Mar @Midnight1/14-3/03
ChessSocial League9-Nov @Midnight6-Dec @Midnight2-Mar @Midnight1/14-3/03
DodgeballA-League9-Nov @Midnight6-Dec @Midnight8-Feb @Midnight1/14-3/03
DodgeballB-League9-Nov @Midnight6-Dec @Midnight8-Feb @Midnight1/14-3/03
FifaCompetitive League9-Nov @Midnight6-Dec @Midnight2-Mar @Midnight1/14-3/03
FifaSocial League9-Nov @Midnight6-Dec @Midnight2-Mar @Midnight1/14-3/03
VolleyballA-League9-Nov @Midnight6-Dec @Midnight8-Feb @Midnight1/14-3/03
VolleyballB-League9-Nov @Midnight6-Dec @Midnight8-Feb @Midnight1/14-3/03
VolleyballC-League9-Nov @Midnight6-Dec @Midnight8-Feb @Midnight1/14-3/03
Outdoor SoccerB-League1-Feb @Midnight13-Mar @Midnight31-Mar @Midnight3/17-4/22
Outdoor SoccerC-League1-Feb @Midnight13-Mar @Midnight31-Mar @Midnight3/17-4/22
Outdoor SoccerMen's A-League1-Feb @Midnight13-Mar @Midnight31-Mar @Midnight3/17-4/22
Women's BasketballA-League1-Feb @Midnight13-Mar @Midnight31-Mar @Midnight3/17-4/22
Women's BasketballB-League1-Feb @Midnight13-Mar @Midnight31-Mar @Midnight3/17-4/22

1200 Park Road, Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg, VA 22802, USA
Rec Sports Headquarters

M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Weekends Closed

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