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How many Intramural Sports do you play at UCM per semester?
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2  36%  (29 votes)
3  24%  (19 votes)
4 or more  20%  (16 votes)
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University of Central Missouri Intramural Sports


Welcome to the Fall 2014 Intramural Sports season! Below you will find some points of emphasis and NEW POLICIES that will effect you, and your team. If you have specific questions or need further clarification, be sure to refer to our Rules and Regulations in the "Handbooks" section of the information tab on this site.

Have fun in your season and good luck!

To register for Intramural Sports:
·        Register for IMLeagues.com using your UCMO.edu email address
·        Find a sport, pass the captain's quiz and create a team
·        Pay the registration fee at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center

New Policies:

1. There will no longer be in person captain's meetings! Instead all captains will be required to participate in ONLINE captain's meetings that will be given on imleagues.com prior to creating a team. This means, that if one person creates a single sex team and a co-ed team (i.e. men's and corec) they will need to pass two quizzes.Once the captain passes and the team is created, all participants that join the team will also be required to participate in a participant's quiz. Captain's must pass with a minimum of 90% of the questions answered correctly and participants are required to pass with 100% correct.

2. If a team forfeits a single game during the regular season, a FORFEIT FEE of $10 must be paid to the front desk at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center within 48 hours or else the team will be removed from the league. If the team pays the $10 fee within the 48 hours, then they will be allowed to continue to participate in the regular season and still be eligible for playoffs!

3. An ejection or misconduct during, or after the last game of the season could result in suspension from ALL intramural activities for remainder of semester.

4. There is a maximum amount of club athletes that are allowed to play on one team in their respective sport:

  • Softball: Maximum of 3 club baseball/softball players per team
  • Volleyball: Maximum of 2 club volleyball players per team
  • Basketball: Maximum of 2 club basketball players per team
  • Indoor/Outdoor Soccer: Maximum of 2 club soccer players per team

5. Attempting to use someone else’s ID will result in suspension from all Intramural activities for 1 calendar year, as well as confiscation of false ID. Action can be taken against team if they have knowledge of incident. 

6. Winning teams will be given Intramural champion t-shirts. Individual sport winners will also receive an Intramural Champion t-shirt. Maximum Number of t-shirts per team is as follows:

  • Flag Football-14
  • Softball-14
  • Basketball-10
  • Volleyball-10
  • Outdoor Soccer-13
  • Indoor Soccer-10
  • Dodgeball-9
  • Sand Volleyball-6


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Announcements & Events

Lacee  AnnouncementMon, Aug 25 04:47 PM
The registration deadline for Sand Voleyball has been extended to this Friday, August 29th! So, be sure to register your team before it's too late!

Lacee  AnnouncementMon, Sep 29 10:45 AM
Registrations for the Disc Golf Tournament, Indoor Soccer League, and Indoor Volleyball League all end tomorrow night (9/30) so hurry up and create a team before you miss out!