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Do you enjoy playing UMC intramural sports?



The University of Mississippi Medical Center is a health sciences campus and medical center located in the heart of Jackson, Mississippi. UMMC is the prominent provider for baccalaureate and professional degrees in disciplines such as medical, dental, physical therapy, occupational therapy and dental hygiene. The wide variety of programs of study leads to careers that are in ever-increasing demand in Mississippi and beyond.


Announcements & Events

Grant  AnnouncementWed, Jul 30 09:30 PM
Dodgeball has concluded.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  I hope everyone enjoyed this season.  Congratulations to Aim for the Fat Kid for winning playoffs and claiming the title of Dodg...

Grant  AnnouncementWed, Aug 6 05:18 PM
Download Rec It on your App Store to manage all of your intramural sports teams, get standings, game schedules, and reminders!!! Get push notifications to remind all team members of their games. Cap...