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How to join/create a team!

  1. Scroll down and find the sport you want to play
  2. Under the sport click on the Blue league name that you want to be a part of
    Each league is either CoRec or Open
    CoRec means there is a minimum requirement of males and/or females on each team before the team can participate.
    Open means there is no minimum requirement of males and/or females on each team before the can participate.
  3. Once you click the league you will be taken to the league page. In the upper right part of the league page will be a Green button that says "Register/Sign up". Click that button!
  4. Three options will drop down from this menu
    Create A Team - This means you're going to be a team captain, and create your own team for this league. If you're doing this, there will be instructions on how to create a team, and recruit members. But before you can even create a team you must pass the Captain's Quiz. This quiz allows us to know that you understand the duties and responsibilities of being a team captain, and agree to uphold the rules of sportsmanship on your team. It is recommended that you review the Captain's Handbook before taking the quiz. 
    Join A Team - This means you have already been invited to be on a team, and you're registering specifically to join that team. Follow the instructions after clicking the button on how to join the team you're looking for.
    Free Agent - This means you want to play but don't have a team yet. Clicking this will register you so that teams that are looking for players can draft you to their team. Make sure you give a little background about yourself so you seem more marketable to team captains that are looking for players.
  5. Congrats! You're all signed up to play Intramural Sports here at Lake Superior State! Make sure you check all the emails and text messages you get so you can stay updated for game times, cancellations, tournaments, and much more!


Announcements & Events

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4 Players in one Canoe vs 3 other canoes full of opponents The objective - Be the last canoe floating Registration will be done on site in the pool beginning at 6:30pm Questions please email ...