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What do you think of the new intramural registration process and the IMLeagues website?
Love it!  72%  (31 votes)
Love it!
Makes no difference.  13%  (6 votes)
Makes no difference.
Can we go back to the old way?  13%  (6 votes)
Can we go back to the old way?




Welcome to the Intramural Sports Program!


You don’t have to be an athlete to play; these recreational activities are for everyone. We offer a variety of activities including individual sports, dual sports, and team sports for male, female, and co-rec participants.


From sports such as flag football, basketball, volleyball, and soccer to dodgeball, bowling, racquetball, and golf, there is something for everyone!  This participation allows for growth throughout the campus community as well as personal achievement.

For instructions on how to create or join a team, click here and follow the instructions below the registration information.  Welcome to Rowan Intramurals where our mission is to provide a fair and enjoyable environment for all participants.  Good luck and have fun!