Coed Indoor Soccer


Registration:Jan 31st  '13 at 8:00AM Until Feb 28th  '13 at 5:00PM
Join Teams Until:Anytime Min Players:1 (1F) Max Players:9
Regular Season: Feb 13th  '13 - Apr 10th  '13

League Description

Notre Dame de Namur University emphasizes the core values of leadership and integrity. Each participant in any Intramural Sports event is expected to uphold the values which NDNU esteems so highly. Sportsmanship, fairness, and respect are of the utmost importance to the leadership of this University as well as the entire Student Life and Leadership staff.

Coed Indoor Soccer will be played with two 20-minute halves, continuous clock, and a 3 minute half time.


Carla  AnnouncementTue, Mar 12 09:54 PM
Now that all 4 teams are registered online, we've been able to create a schedule incorporating all 4 teams each week. Please note that each week we will send announcements out to indicate which t...

Amrun  AnnouncementThu, Apr 4 12:10 AM
Hey guys! So next wendesday 4/10 are the final two games! The concellation game (for third place) will be played at 9:00, between Arsenal and Men United. The championship game will be at 10:00 be...


Spring 2013
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4M 2F
5 2 0 .710 0/0 0.00
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6M 3F
5 2 0 .710 0/0 0.00
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7M 2F
2 5 0 .290 0/0 0.00
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6M 1F
2 5 0 .290 0/0 0.00

Belmont, CA
Gleason Gym

M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Weekends Closed

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