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Coed Dodgeball


Registration:Aug 14th  '13 at 8:00AM Until Aug 28th  '13 at Noon
Join Teams Until:Aug 28th  '13 at Noon Min Players:6 (2F ,2M) Max Players:10
Regular Season: Aug 28th  '13 - Aug 28th  '13

League Description

    • If 9 or more teams register and show up on the day of competition, a single style elimination will be used. If 8 or fewer teams register and arrive, double elimination will be used.
    • Captains must complete the Quiz in order to create a team and must score 5 out of 6 correct.
    • The rules are available in the "Handbook & Manuals" section.


Megan  AnnouncementMon, Aug 26 03:02 PM
Registratino will close AT NOON on Wednesday, August 28th. You team must have at least 6 members to participate and at least two of them must be females.

Megan  AnnouncementWed, Aug 28 12:41 AM
If you're looking for a last minute addition to your team, consider inviting a Free Agent to join your team. Registration closes at noon on August 28th and the playing schedule will be posted sho...


Fall 2013