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Current School FAQ

Can I make changes to my roster for a one day tournament?

Changes to rosters must be made by the end of the registration deadline. 

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Can I make changes to my roster for an event that has a season?

Changes to rosters must be made by the close of registration.

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Can I play on multiple teams?

Participants are only allowed to play on one team per event/season.

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How many athletes can be on a team for a sport they play?

Athletes of the sport being played cannot make up more than half of their team.  The exact designation will be announced with sign-ups. 

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If my team is going to be late, when are we forced to forfeit?

Failure to show up within 5 minutes of your scheduled time will result in a forfeit, unless approved by the Director.

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What if my whole team can't be there, or is late?

Each event will have a minimum and maximum number of participants to a team.  The minimum is the fewest amount of participants that may show up and the event not result in a forfeit.  

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What is the prize?

Prizes vary each year.  Unless otherwise noted, the prizes will be the same for each event all year.  

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