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Can I play on more than one team?

You may only play on one team per sport. The only exception is during Flag Football. Those who pledge a social club may play for their pledge team in the pledge tournament as well as in a regular Flag Football league.

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Where and how do I pay?

There are a few different ways to pay:

  1. Annual Sports Pass ($40) - Play everything without addtional fees except for fundraisers (SA Dodgeball, Rodeo, and Pickleball)
  2. Semester Sports Pass ($25) - Play everything that semester without addtional fees except for fundraisers (SA Dodgeball, Rodeo, and Pickleball)
  3. Season Pass ($10) - Pay for one season
  4. Tournament Pass ($5) - Pay for one tournament

Payment may be made by cash, check, student account or online through IMLeagues. If you pay with cash, check, or student account, please allow 48 hours for processing. Please turn in all cash and checks to the Intramural Sports Office -- Room 142 of the Rec Center. 


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When are games played?

Normally games are played on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays between 5pm and Midnight. There are also a number of weekend tournaments throughout the year.

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Can I add players to my roster after the season begins?

Season Play: Yes, you can invite players throughout the regular season and prior to the tournament beginning. 

Tournament Play: Once the tournament begins, rosters are locked.

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What happens if we forfeit a game?

You lose that game and will not have a make-up game. If your team forfeits 2 games without justifiable reason, you will forfeit your season.

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What if our team can't play at the time we're scheduled?

Your captain can request a reschedule with the Director of Intramural Sports. Your request must be made a week prior to the scheduled game for it to be considered. 

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What happens if I forget to bring my Student ID?

If you forget to bring your Student ID to check-in, you may use your Driver's License. If you have neither your Driver's License or Student ID, you will not be allowed to play. You may however check-in for your game at anytime with the proper ID. 

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What if there's been bad weather?

The Intramural Sports office will send a text message to teams if the games have been cancelled. We will do everything we can to make sure the games are made up.

Decisions regarding postponements and cancellations will not be made until 4pm or later. Please refrain from asking the Intramural Sports Office whether games are cancelled prior to 4pm. Thank you!

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Partner of USA TODAY College Sports

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