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Sport Description

Bates IM Volleyball provides students with the opportunity to play volleyball, regardless of ability. The games are played in the Gray Cage or in Alumni Gym on Monday's 7pm-9pm.


  • Nets and game balls will be provided by the IM staff
  • Indoor sneakers must be worn. Knee pads are recommended.


  • The winner of the coin toss decides to either serve or receive at the start of the game
  • There are 2 minutes between sets.


  • There must be 6 players per team in play.
  • There are 3 front row players and 3 back row players.
  • If a libero is used, he/she must wear a different color shirt than the rest of the team.


  • A team scores a point by successfully grounding the ball on the opponent’s court; when the opponent team commits a fault; when the opponent team receives a penalty.
  • First team to 25 points wins that set. First team to win 5 sets wins the match. The 5th set is a game to 15 (switching sides at 7 points).
  • Teams switch sides after each set.


  • Blocking a serve is not allowed.
  • Touching the net is a fault. If the net is touched the other team gets a point.
  • You may not step across the center line to the other team’s side at any point during the match.
  • The ball can only be contacted three times on each side of the net. The third contact must send the ball over the net, or a violation has been committed. 
  • Only one player can touch the ball at once.
  •  The ball can never be caught or thrown.
  •  The ball must cross into the other side of the court by going over the net. The ball also must stay between the 2 side antennas for it to stay in play.
  • The server’s foot cannot cross into the court while serving. Touching the end line while serving is a fault.
  • Players are not allowed to purposefully obstruct the view of the opposing players during a game. This is called screening.

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145 Russell Street, Bates, Lewiston, ME 04240, USA
Merrill Gym (Office)

M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Weekends Closed

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