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Sport Description






  1. The playing surface is a basketball court with the walls in play
  2. The goals are to be placed on the basketball court’s end lines
  3. A penalty area (or goalie box) will surround each goal.
    1. The penalty area will be defined by the basketball lane up to the blocks.



  1. Each team will start 5 players.
  2. You may only play on one team.
  3. The 5-minute rule will be enforced.
  4. A team must have 4 players to start a game, but may continue with less if the refs believe that team may win
  5. Goalkeepers are not allowed.
    1. If a defensive player enters the PA and plays the ball, the opposing team gets a penalty shot from the opposite free throw line.
      1. After the penalty shot, the opposing team gets the ball at center court.
    2. If an offensive player enters the PA and scores a goal, the opposing team is awarded a goal kick on the baseline.
  6. Kickoff
    1. To start the period – Teams must remain on their sides of the court
    2. After a goal – Teams may line-up or position as they wish after a goal
  7. Eligibility
    1. No team may have more than 2 current members of the ACU CLUB Soccer team
    2. Students currently on an NCAA Soccer Roster may not play. Students, who were on an NCAA Roster last year, are allowed to play. However, teams may only add 2 players who were on an NCAA Roster last year.  



  1. No offside rule is played. 
  2. Advantage rules in effect – If a team commits a foul and the foul would benefit their own team, referees may allow play to continue. Referees may call the foul once the advantage is gone.
  3. FOULS - Rough play, elbows, checking into the wall, players being knocked down by an opponent, and yellow/red cards may result in an indirect free kick.
    1. Excessive force, reckless, or careless fouls will be called
  4. OUT OF BOUNDS - No “throw-ins” - Any ball played outside the court is awarded to the opposing team nearest to where the ball left the court in the form of an indirect free kick.
  5. FREE KICKS - Defenders must remain 5 yards from the free kick if a foul has occurred.
  6. YELLOW cards will be given for the following. Player must sit out for 2 minutes – (3 yellow cards in the tournament equals 1 game suspension for that player. 2 yellow cards in one game will result in an ejection from that game).
    1. Intentional handball
    2. Illegal Substitutions
    3. Verbally objecting any decision given by the official
    4. Continuous rough play or multiple fouls
    5. Sliding with no attempt to tackle (judgment by official)
    6. Any other action the referee deems worthy
  7. RED cards will be given for the following and will cause ejection from the current game AND the next scheduled game. Teams must play 1-man down for 2 minutes (2 Red cards and a player is disqualified from the tournament):
    1. Cursing
    2. Slide Tackling a Player
    3. Violent conduct
    4. Intentional Handball that prevents goal
    5. Any other action the referee deems worthy



  1. There will be two 15-minute halves with a 5-minute intermission.
  2. There are no timeouts except for injury
  3. In the event of a tie, a 3-minute Golden Goal period will be played. If the game remains tied after overtime, a “best of 5” penalty shootout will take place from the free throw line opposite the goal.
  4. The officials may stop the clock at their discretion, if it is believed a team is intentionally stalling.



  1. Any number of substitutions may be made during the game.
  2. To substitute, players currently playing in the game must leave the court before the entering player may join the game.
    1. Gym C – Subs must wait outside glass doors
    2. Gym D – Subs must wait upstairs or outside the wooden doors
  3. The clock does not stop for substitutions. 






  1. Teammates should wear similar colored shirts.
  2. Must wear tennis shoes. No black soled shoes or boots.
  3. No hats or sunglasses




All injuries must be reported to the IM Sports Worker immediately.  Each participant is financially responsible for care of personal injury, therefore, the IM Sports Department and Abilene Christian University urges all participants to either purchase student insurance offered by the school or have coverage by a private policy. The IM Sports Department and Abilene Christian University will not be held responsible for accidents.  





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