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                Racquetball will be a mini league this year : 

  Indi viduals will get 4 regular season games (2 games per night). Playoffs will be scheduled at the end of the regular season    .

All scheduled division times are available upon a first come/first serve basis. Please contact joshua.pullens458@wku.edu for additional info or questions.

The Captain's Meeting for Racquetball will be held Tuesday, February 10th @ 4pm in thePreston Center Meeting Room.

If you are representing a university organization, please include your organization in your team name (i.e. Johnny Appleseed - IM-REC).

Racquetball Rules

Can't make it to your game? Fill out a Defualt Card Here.    

Spring 2015

Open for registration Full Locked
Reg Start:02/02 08:00 AM Reg End:02/09 08:00 PM
Season:02/11 - 03/04 Last Join Date:02/09/15
Player Min:1 Player Max:Unlimited   
DivisionTeam MaxConfirmedPending
Thursday 5:30/6:15pm 8 6 0
Thursday 7pm/7:45pm 8 8 0
Wednesday 5:30/6:15pm 8 3 0
Wednesday 8:30/9:15pm 8 5 0
Reg Start:02/02 08:00 AM Reg End:02/09 11:30 PM
Season:02/11 - 03/04 Last Join Date:03/04/15
Player Min:1 Player Max:1   
DivisionTeam MaxConfirmedPending
Wednesday 7pm/7:45pm 8 2 0


M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Weekends Closed

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