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Bates Indoor Soccer

Bates Indoor Soccer provides students with the opportunity to play soccer during the winter months regardless of ability. The games are held in the Gray Cage.


  • Indoor, small-sided goals will be provided by the IM staff
  • A soccer ball, size 4-5, will be provided by the IM staff
  • Players will wear their team uniform – the same color and contrasting from the opponent. Indoor shoes are required. Shin guards are recommended.
  • Goalkeepers will wear jerseys distinguished from both teams. Gloves are recommended.


  • Teams play with 5 field players plus a goalkeeper.

** Teams must have at least 3 rostered players to begin a game **

  • Co-Ed league games must have at least one male and female player on the field at all times.
  • A goalkeeper may use his or her hands to control the ball, but must put the ball back into play within 6 seconds of receiving the ball.


  • Games will consist of two 25 minute halves – running time  - with a 5 minute halftime break
  • If a game is tied at the end of regulation one, five-minute, sudden-death overtime period will be played.
  • Teams will be awarded points based on the following set-up:

Win = 3points

Tie = 1 point

Loss = 0 points


  • A kick-off at the center mark of the field will begin the game. Official will have a coin flip to indicate who will be the home/away teams. Home teams take the first half kick off. The away team kicks off in the second half.


  • When the ball goes out of bounds, a kick-in will be used to restart play in the spot the ball went out of bounds. This pass is ‘free’ and cannot be stolen by the opponents.

** No throw-ins will be used during Indoor Soccer games **


  • No player may use his or her hands to move the ball.  The only exception is the goalkeeper. Goalkeepers may use their hands inside of the goalkeeper box.

Free Kicks

  • All free kicks during Indoor Soccer games are indirect, with the exception of a penalty kick
  • Defensive players must give 10 feet of space from the ball during a free kick
  • A penalty kick may be awarded by the official for the following offenses:

(1) A handball inside the goalkeepers box

(2) A flagrant foul inside the goalkeepers box


  • A team scores by shooting or passes the ball behind the opponents’ goalkeeper into the net. This is worth one point.


  • NO SLIDE TACKLING during indoor Soccer
  • The officials’ have the authority to remove a player from a league game if their behavior is deemed unsafe. A two-minute penalty can also be enforced, during which time the team must play a player down.

Active Leagues

145 Russell Street, Bates, Lewiston, ME 04240, USA
Merrill Gym (Office)

M-F 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Weekends Closed

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