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Softball Homerun Derby

–A) Objective: To hit as many balls over the fence as possible in the allotted amount of pitches and swings.
–B) Field Size: Fences will be set 75 feet from the Men’s Home Plate and 60 feet from the Women’s Home
–Field 4 will be used, 4 stations will be set up in the outfield of Field 4.
–Pitching: Players may select any person to pitch to them. If a player does not have someone to pitch to them may ask for an intramural staff person to pitch to them. Once a pitcher has been selected, that pitcher must pitch for the duration of the batter’s turn at bat. Pitchers must be signed in as intramural participants, with a valid WKU ID. Pitchers must pitch from a spot no closer than the designated pitcher’s mound. Pitches are underhanded.
–Players are given 10 Outs and 10 takes.
•An out will be any attempted swing that does not result in a homerun.
•A take is a pitch when the batter does not swing. Once all 10 takes are used, any pitches not swung at will result in an out.
– Officials Judgment: Intramural Officials are the sole judges of out/homerun, swing/take. Arguing with an officials judgment call will result in sportsmanship being lowered.
–Advancing: The top half of all participants in the first round will be moved on to the second round, which will have the same rules as the first round. The top half of second round participants will be moved on to the championship round.

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