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How Do I Sign-Up?
  1. Go to
  2. In the top right corner of the website click create account (in green) if you don't have an account yet or login (in orange) if you have made an account.
  3. If you clicked the green 'create account' button Fill out all the requested information (you MUST use your email address in order for your account to be verified)
    **For the captcha at the bottom of the sign-up form it might make you play a video to get the needed answer for the security question. If it prompts you to watch a video please know it is NOT spam**
  4. Once logged in return to the Washington College homepage on IMLeagues
  5. Click the sport you would like to sign up for.
  6. Click Create Team or Join As Free Agent and fill out the information
  7. Attend the Captain's Meeting as a captain or free agent and get ready to play!
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My friends and I are having trouble signing up on IMLeagues, what do we do?

Easy, email Nick Moon, Coordinator of Campus Recreation, at and we can sit down and set your whole team up. IMLeagues is new to campus (as of Fall 2016), but it's an awesome service that we think people will really enjoy using the more we use it and it's really quite simple to navigate! Don't let the one or two extra steps stand in the way of you and your friends having fun this season, meet with Nick and sign up today!

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What exactly are Intramural Sports?

Intramural Sports, or Intramurals, are a variety of different organized sports offered by the Campus Recreation Office throughout the school year. Time commitment is minimal for participants with no mandatory practices, meetings, or anything else along those lines. Participants are just expected to show up for their scheduled games and have a good time!

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How much does it cost to play an Intramural Sport?

Besides being a great way to hang out with friends and get a little exercise all Intramural Sports at Washington College are entirely free to participate in!

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I've never played (Insert Sport Here), can I still play Intramurals?

Absolutely! Intramural Sports are geared towards getting as many people involved as possible. So whether you've never played Badminton or your a two-time defending Intramural Kickball Champion we want you to play both!

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None of my friends want to play (Insert Sport Here), so am I unable to play?

We want everyone to play Intramural Sports, so if you have a team ready to go, awesome, sign them up! If you don't, no sweat. You can sign up as a Free Agent and we'll do our best to either make a Free Agent team for you and others who signed up solo or we'll work with the other teams to see if they need another awesome person (like you!) to fill out their roster.

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Why don't you offer Intramural (Insert Sport Here)

Because we're trying to offer sports that will meet the expectations set by all of our students. So that includes the staple sports like Flag Football, Basketball, Soccer, but also offering some new and different sports like Badminton, Quidditch, and Kickball for those who want to try something else. Have an idea for a new Intramural? Email Nick Moon at and let's see if we can make it happen on campus!

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Partner of USA TODAY College Sports

Partner of USA TODAY College Sports

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Cain Athletic Center - Main Gym

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