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Current School

Who can play?

All currently enrolled MUW students and faculty/staff that have the Recreational Sports Membership are eligible to participate. Spouse/domestic partners may not participate in the Intramural Sports program. For the summer session, incoming freshmen are not eligible to participate.

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How do I sign up?

In order to sign up a team, captains are required to complete the registration process. During the registration process the team captain pass the captain’s quiz, will create the team on IMLeagues, will provide payment for the league, and add required number of players to the team’s roster.

 Any teams that register after a league is filled will be added to a Waitlist and will be contacted if additional spots become available. If contacted, teams will be given information on how to complete the registration and scheduling process.

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What if I don't have a team?

A Free Agent List is posted on IM Leagues. You can sign up or just try to pick up a few extra people for a team.

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What if my team needs more players?

Check out the Free Agent List on IM Leagues.   Just remember that a player is only allowed to play for one single gender team and one Co-Rec team.

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Can I play on more than one team?

Players may only play on one single gender team and one Co-Rec team in the same sport. Example: A person may compete on a Co-Rec team at the same time they participate on a single gender team (i.e. Men's or Women's). 

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Do we need ID cards every game? Why?

Players are required to bring their MUW ID card to each activity and present it to the Intramural Sports Supervisor at the game site prior to the game. Participants with activated IMLeagues accounts that contain a photo on FUSION are able to check in with the Intramural Sports Supervisor using any government issued photo identification card. Participants who have not activated their IMLeagues account and do not have appropriate identification will not be allowed to participate in said activity without their MUW ID card.

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My friend registered our team. Why don't I have administrative access?

The person who initially registered the team is considered the captain and is the only person who has administrative access to the team’s homepage. Team captains are able to designate a co-captain on their team’s page on IMLeagues.

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Further Questions

If you or your team has a question or problem during your game, please see the Intramural Supervisor on duty. Do not let a question or problem go unresolved without seeking assistance from the staff on duty.

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