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What is your favorite intramural sport?
Basketball  25%  (205 votes)
Soccer  45%  (360 votes)
Flag Football  28%  (225 votes)
Flag Football

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How do I create a team?
  1. After logging in, click on the University of Texas at San Antonio tab (top left of screen)
  2. Scroll down to view the sport offerings
    1. Sports that are open for registration will have a GREEN “OPEN” icon.
  3. Click on the league that you wish to create a team in (Men, Women, CoRec, etc)
  4. Click on create a team
  5. Accept the Waiver the Requirements
  6. Fill in the Team and Captain Information
  7. Click on Create Team

NOTE: When creating a team, all teams will first be placed into the wait list for their desired league.  Once a team has the minimum number of players on their roster, the Captain will then be able to move their team into their desired Division.

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How do I add players to my team?
  1. After logging in, click on the team that you wish to add players to.
  2. Under Captain Links (left side of screen) click Invite Members
  3. In the text box, enter the email addresses of your friends/future teammates.
    1. If you have had past teams, you can click on My Teams and invite members from previous teams to join your new team.
    2. To invite free agents, click on the Free Agents box.  Available free agents will then be displayed.
  4. Enter a message for your invited members.
  5. Click send invitations.
    1. NOTE: an individual MUST have an IMLeagues account in order to be added to a team.  If a person is sent an invitation and does not have an account, he/she will have to create an account --- once they complete this action, they can accept the invitation.
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How do I become a Free Agent?
  1. After logging in, click on the University of Texas at San Antonio tab (top left of screen)
  2. Scroll down to view the sport offerings
    1. Sports that are open for Free Agency will have a GREEN “OPEN” icon.
  3. Click on the league that you wish to join as a free agent (Men’s Competitive, CoRec, etc)
  4. Click on Join as a Free Agent
  5. Select the divisions within the league that you wish to be a free agent in
    1. The division will list the DAYS and TIMES that teams will play
  6. Click on Submit
  7. Accept the Waiver standards
  8. Enter your banner ID
  9. Enter any message you’d like potential team captains to read
  10. Click Submit
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How many teams can I play on?

Participants are allowed to play on ONE single gender team and ONE co-ed team per sport.  Single gender teams include teams in Men, Women, Fraternity, and Sorority.

Example A: A male may play on a men's team and a co-ed team.

Example B: A male may NOT play on a men's team AND a fraternity team.

Participants caught playing on muliple single-gender (or co-rec) teams will face disciplinary action that could result in a suspension --- team captain's are responsible for ensuring the eligibility of their players.

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What happens if my team forfeits?

If a team forfeits a regular season Intramural Sport contest, the team captain will be assessed a $25 forfeit fine.  This fine will be applied to the Captain's student account.  The fine may be paid online on the Campus Recreation Portal website or at the Member Services desk at the REC. The captain has one week to pay the fee. If the fee is not paid by the deadline, they will be suspended from all Intramural Sports events. If the fee is not paid by two weeks, they will be suspended from the REC and their account will be suspended.



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How do I default my team's game?

If a team knows that it will be unable to make their scheduled game, the team captain may notify the Intramural Sports staff of their intent to default the game to their opponent.

To default, the team Captain must call or e-mail Sport Programs Professional by 5:00pm on the day of their game. Teams that contact after the deadline, the game will be considered forfeit.

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What should I do if its raining/severe weather/etc?

If you are unsure if games will be played on a given night due to rain, severe weather, or other unique circumstances, please call the Intramural Sports weather hotline at 210-458-PLAY (7529).

A pre-recorded message will play after calling... listen for the following:

  1. Date & Time of the Message
    1. If the date of the message is NOT the date that you're calling, then no cancellations have been made and all games are scheduled to be played.
  2. Sports listed in Message
    1. Sometimes we will be able to some sports, but not all.  For instance, if there is rain we might not be able to play Flag Football, but we will be able to play Indoor Soccer.
    2. If the sport you are calling for is not listed than no cancellations have been made for that sport.

When you registered your account for, if you opted to receive text message updates, you will receive a text message in the event that Intramural Sport activities are cancelled.

Typically, decisions regarding inclement weather will NOT be made until after 3:00pm.  As a general rule of thumb, please call the hotline ONE HOUR prior to coming to your game to ensure you receive the most up to date information.

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If I'm on the Club team, can I play Intramural Sports?

UTSA Club Sport members are allowed to play Intramural Sports, however, there are certain restrictions.

  1. Male club players are prohibited from playing in the Men's Recreational League of their associated club sport.
    1. Example: A male Club Soccer player may NOT play in the Men's Recreational Indoor Soccer league, but CAN play in Men's Recreational Flag Football.
  2. No team may have more than TWO club players within their associated sport.
    1. Example: A softball team may only have TWO club baseball/softball players on their roster, but the club baseball team could have their own flag football team if they wanted.

Team Captain's are resposible for ensuring the eligibility of their teammates.  Teams caught using more than 2 club players will face sanctions including loss of games, suspension, and removal from leagues.  Individual players may also face penalties.

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What is waitlist registration?

Waitlist registration allows you to create your team prior to the actual registration period for a given sport. 

In order to secure a spot in your preferred dvision, your team must have the minimum amount of team members for that particular sport. 

With the waitlist registration feature, you can create your team in ADVANCED of the opening of division registration---this way, when the time comes for you to actually register the team in a division, you won't have to wait to get the minimum number of players on your team, and hopefully "beat the rush" of registration.

For more information regarding waitlist registration, please contact Andrew Chadick at


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How do I win a t-shirt?

Who doesn't love a free t-shirt? Within the UTSA Intramural Sports program, there are several ways for you to earn a coveted Intramural Champion t-shirt.  T-shirts will be awarded to winners in all of our Individual and Dual sports (Racquetball, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc).  Additionally, team winners of each of our leagues will receive t-shirts, with the exception of Men's Recreational leagues.

Starting this year we will also award ONE team in each MAJOR sport the team sportsmanship award.  Members of the winning team will also receive a t-shirt.  Major sports include: 7v7 Flag Football, Indoor Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, 7v7 Outdoor Soccer, 4v4 Flag Football and Softball.

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