About Us

imleagues was founded by two brothers who wanted to develop a site that would simultaneously make the lives of intramural directors easier while helping students get more involved in intramural sports.


Greg Myers Founding Partner


Greg Myers attended Boston College, where he double majored in Finance and Information Systems. Following college, Greg worked for two years in an IT management training program for a large conglomerate before leaving to focus on this site. He currently enjoys playing basketball and being taller than Doug.


Doug Myers Founding Partner


Doug Myers attended Wake Forest University, where he majored in Business. He is a recent graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he earned his MBA with concentrations in Sustainable Enterprise and Finance. He enjoys all sports that he is still better at than his younger brother Greg.


Tyler Bolton-Fuhrman Intramural Sports and Development Expert


Tyler Bolton-Fuhrman attended North Carolina State University where he majored in Sport Management. His experience within NC State's intramural program and athletics department brings a unique perspective to the IMLeagues team. Tyler has extended his recreation career as an avid participator in adult sports leagues, constantly chasing the oh-so coveted championship T-Shirt.

Development Team

They do all the hard behind the scenes work. They are very talented and would be happy to add any feature that your school might need.