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Simply put IMLeagues is by far the easiest, most interactive, and graphically appealing online intramural league registration program out there on the market, today. Their friendly staff and customer service is top notch. I've tried two previous online registration programs before but none compare to IMLeagues! The third time was definitely a charm!
-Gari Baxa, University of Hawaii at Manoa
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We have tried many programs and none of them come close to IMleague’s ease of operation, ability to communicate with team captains, and the excellent customer service. Although we are not the Largest University the IMLeague staff acts like we are and quickly resolves any problems we might have. They continue to improve their product while striving to make this number one in our field. They have made our jobs easier and for that alone we would recommend this as the best in its field.
-Sam Kelner, Saint Louis University
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Imleagues and the Imleagues staff have been a great addition to our program! The site is constantly evolving and getting better and better! The staff is always available and helpful which helps make my job a lot easier. The imleagues staff encourages feedback and makes prompt adjustments accordingly. The bottom line is that there is not another system out there that can come close to the Imleagues experience, regardless of price.
-Bert Rosenberger, Georgia College and State University
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The IMLEAGUES staff have been tremendous. Their online chat feature makes them always within reach and they have all been incredibly helpful. As a larger program, we were looking for a way to schedule our leagues that was both user-friendly for us and our participants, as well as a comprehensive officials scheduling option; IMLEAGUES has exceeded my expectations for this. They have added new features, adjusted current features, so it is more applicable to our program, and are always willing to walk and talk us through various facets of their site. After researching several different league and staff scheduling programs, I am very happy with our selection to go with www.imleagues.com!
- Lauren Martini, University of South Carolina
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IM Leagues has made my life so much easier. I’ve used IPS, EZ Leagues, and IM Track and this is by far the most user friendly with the best tech support. Free Agents are no longer a hassle; IM Leagues takes care of that. The idea of combining Facebook with an Intramural software was genius. Communication with the captains is unbelievable. No more calling every captain; just send out an update and they get a message, email, and a text message. It doesn't get much better than that.
- Cody Ham, University of Central Oklahoma
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imleagues.com has been a fantastic addition to our Intramural Sports Dept! They have allowed us to have online registration, and posted schedules and brackets which we haven’t had in the past. The system is very easy to use and it continues to get better and faster each week.

The IM Leagues team has been great and has been working hard to meet our needs which may be seen as unique to most Intramural departments. If we have an issue, they have live support chat or can be contacted by phone most all times during the day. They respond quickly, take action, and implement the necessary changes.

I have had the honor of being asked for their opinions on the site of potential changes or what changes should be made. They actively seek the opinions of their users and make changes that only make the site better, more efficient, and faster.

Having used other systems in the past, I would strongly recommend using this site because of the customer service, features that are offered, and best yet it’s FREE and the advertising is very tasteful and unobtrusive.
- Billy Willis, University of Dayton
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imleagues.com has brought a great and innovative change to our intramural sports program. Although we thought that it may be tough to switch over to an online based intramural league, the staff at imleagues.com has helped tremendously and walked us through the process. While the site itself is fun and easy to use, their team is always updating and creating features to make it even better. The level of customer service imleagues.com provides is fantastic. Whether it is by telephone, email, or live chat, representatives have always been available to answer my questions and take suggestions. This has been a great first year with the site and I look forward to many more!
- Tristan Leonhard, Valparaiso University
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imleagues has made my intramural programming much more efficient and accessible to our students. Greg and Doug Myers have been extremely helpful with instructing me on how to use the program, and they have also been very receptive to suggestions or features that we need here at Princeton University. With the updates and new features they are always adding, this program improves every day, and we couldn’t be more satisfied and look forward to what the program will bring to us in the future.
- Jessica Ward, Princeton University
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During the NIRSA Conference in Austin we learned about new Intramural Sports management tools to assist us in our goal of operating our program more efficiently and effectively. After testing 3 options last summer we made the decision in late August to go with imleagues to run our entire program for the Fall '08 semester. The site has evolved a great deal over the past 6 months and I am happy to say Doug and the imleagues’ staff have helped BGSU achieve our original goal. I would highly recommend the site to anyone in the Intramural Sports community interested in improving their operation and enhancing both communication and the overall experience of the students they serve. Great Job Guys!!!
- Scott Sehmann, Bowling Green State University
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imleagues is a great product! The staff has done an excellent job of creating ways to make the lives of those who work in intramurals easier. And they are always improving the site and looking for more ideas! The best part about it, it's FREE! With most schools in a budget crunch, imleagues is a terrific product that can serve your needs! The customer service that Doug and Greg provide is phenomenal! Thanks guys for all your hard work!
- Camille Jackson, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
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First of all let me take this time to thank you for all your help and support during our Intramural program’s transition onto imleagues.com. Your phone and online support has played a vital role in our understanding of your site. Our students here at William Paterson University have taken well to all that imleagues has to offer. Being able to navigate through schedules, players, free agents, and upcoming opponents has not only made our program run more effectively, but has also added a technological component that students can relate to in today’s world.

Imleages.com makes scheduling as easy as 1,2,3. It also provides our student employees with the ability to gain experience in administration and website management. imleagues.com has provided our intramural population with information that was not available previously. Information such as winning percentage, sportsmanship, and standings are readily available to the WPU Intramural participants. We here at William Paterson University would highly recommend joining the imleagues team for all of your intramural sport needs.
- Chris McCollum, William Patterson University
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We used to manually do all the scheduling, but now with imleagues each sport is easy to setup! Players get to create their own pages to join teams, meet friends and to stay up-to-date with games. The staff has been extremely helpful and they are always looking for improvements. imleagues has put running Intramural Events back into the Coordinator's hands!
- John Race, Chadron State College
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imleagues has been great for our program and staff. I have cut my league scheduling time down from 12 hours to 2. In addition, their customer service is top grade.
- Adam Knobloch, East Tennessee State University
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I went to the NIRSA Conference in Austin, TX in '08 searching for new ideas to help catapult my already growing Intramural Department. When I went to the NIRSA Expo I stopped by the imleagues booth and was blown away at the websites capabilities. I thought to myself that there is no way I will be able to bring this to DMACC. It has to cost a fortune! When I found out it was free I was completely on board.

Before imleagues we were like a lot of schools, stuck with paper forms and a lot of extra work. With the budget cuts these days and the push to go green, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t use this website. It has allowed our numbers to increase because people can sign up when it is convenient for them, whether that be from their home or at school. My staff refers to it as the “Facebook” for Intramurals.

It has been a great for our participants to be able to meet new people and have become more involved. Imleagues has helped us with some of the issues of being a commuter college. It allows us to stay in contact with our intramural participants and by doing so has allowed our program to grow. Greg and his staff have been great to work with and their customer service has surpassed any and all expectations.
- Andrew Nelson, Des Moines Area Community College
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Because of their quality of service, user friendly content management features and outstanding eye-appealing website, we chose IMleagues to host our Intramural Sports website. Bridgewater State is ecstatic about bringing our Intramural website to the highest level possible. With the help from the staff at IMleagues we will truly reach a pinnacle for our Intramural program.
- Nick Schleicher, Bridgewater State University
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Thanks for all the great updates! As always the customer service is great! IM Leagues has really been working hard to meet the needs of Campus Rec programs.
- Jessica Davison, Missouri State University
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We decided to give imleagues a ‘tryout’ this semester (Fall ‘09) and it definitely has made our Campus Rec team! We love it! Using it for league registration, scheduling, and communications has been effective, efficient, and fun. It didn’t take long for our students to embrace it as well. Kudos to the imleague crew. We love their prompt and personal response to new ideas and suggestions. We are true fans. THANKS IMLEAGUES!
- Pam Steinmetz, University of Missouri-St. Louis
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Being new to the profession of Campus Recreation and Intramurals, I did not know about any software programs like imleagues.com. I began to do everything by hand, which became very time consuming. When I was introduced to the program, I was a little nervous because I was a little intimidated with the technological aspect of the program. Once I learned how to do everything, I look back and realize how easy and simple everything was. I know for a fact, I would not have been able to figure it out as fast had, I not had the tech support that the site provides. There were times where I was chatting/emailing them almost every day with new questions about how to do this and how to do that. Not only did they take the time to explain it, they were courteous and friendly. They want to help. The designers have seen the need for a program like this, and is trying to make improvements as it goes a long. Although, I know they have helped me a lot, I know I have helped them as well building a better product. They constantly ask for feedback on how to make the site better. I could not ask for anything more. This product, and the company of IMLeagues is easy to use, and have the best customer service standards hands down. They are not doing this website for themselves. They are doing it for schools.
- Scott Hendricks, Concordia University Chicago
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imleagues has made my job as an Intramural administrator so much easier. Instead of spending six hours to create game schedules and playoff brackets then cross referencing the games to ensure the facility were not double booked, I am currently only spending two hours to schedule things. imleagues has given me the opportunity to focus more on student development (officials and participants), instead of creating schedules and inputting results. Plus, Doug, Greg, and Ben are great at answering questions and walking the students step by step through the site, who are struggling. I would highly recommend imleagues to any Intramural program, regardless of the size of the program.
- Rhonda Hampton, Truman State University
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I came to work in the Intramural Department at the University of West Georgia around 2004. At this time, our team registration was a nightmare. Every team had to fill out a roster waiver form and get it signed by all team members. The team manager had to come to our office and pay for the team. During the registration period, it was just about impossible having to sign the teams up for certain leagues and taking their money. I would have students standing all the way outside the office door waiting to be signed up. Another issue was that our department was taking in several thousand dollars and we had to secure the money in a safe and then deposit it at the cashier's office.

Our department decided to come up with a registration on-line. Our ITS department did a wonderful job of setting this up, but there were a lot of problems as we started using this program. Also, this program required us to go through Banner and Banner was often offline and not working properly. Also, there was no way that the students could pay on-line. Also, since our ITS department was under-staffed, when a serious problem came along, there was no one to assist us in some major problems.

One of our personnel in Campus Recreation heard about the IMLEAGUES. After research, our Campus Recreation Director and Sports Director decided that our department would try IMLEAGUES. We are presently using this and my workload has been reduced tremendously. The students are registering and paying online. We love the new system and the students love the new system.

The personnel at IMLEAGUES (Ben and Doug) have been excellent in working with us to get the process going. They are always there to help me out, and it is a joy working with them.

Thanks to IMLEAGUES—my stress level has decreased tremendously.
- Diane Langley, University of West Georgia
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I have been programming for about four years now at UALR, and have been involved within the intramural program for the last six. When I first started the job it was in serious need of some updating. We used software that was out-dated and only worked on one computer, the score sheets we printed from other websites, and roster checks and school enrollment was done by hand. imleagues.com changed our game! They provided everything that we needed. They cut out the endless paper work, took away over 75% of our call volume, and most of all, made our program available twenty-four hours a day. I highly recommend this web site and their support staff for your Intrmaural needs.
- Joseph Harris, University of Arkansas – Little Rock
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Imleagues has helped us schedule faster and give our students a new way to keep track of games. The site is easy to update and allows for students to check out the standings from their dorm rooms so they don’t have to come down to our bulletin boards.

The networking aspect has worked out very well and the students really enjoy getting their schedules electronically and being able to check them at any time period during the day.
- Mike Medina, Quinnipiac University
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You guys are doing a great job at IMLeagues! Keep it up!
- Russel Kahmke, SUNY Upstate Medical University
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imleagues.com has been an effective online scheduling system for our program & their top notch customer service/customization to our intramural program has been invaluable!
- Natosha Harris, Millersville University
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The IMLeagues staff and tech support is great. They are very accesible, have great expertise and are constantly looks for ways to improve/upgrade IMLeagues. I love the online functionality of the program for both the staff and the participants/users. Keep up the good work, IMLeagues!!!
- Raamen Bass, Loyola Marymount University
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I love site, makes my job easier!
- Sheryl Chambers, Wittenberg University
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We just finished our first semester using IMLeagues and I must say the overall experience was so much easier than software we've used in the past. All the students loved the new interface and the overall improved functionality and appearance compared to the sites we've used in the past.
- Brandon Parham, Loyola New Orleans
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IMLeagues has been instrumental to turning out Intramural Program around. Our participation is higher than ever and IMLeagues is one of the main reasons!
- Alex Beehler, Cornell College
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IMLeagues has been a great addition to our campus. All of the up-to-date features are very user friendly and the customer service is absolutely outstanding!
- Ryan Brimberry, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology
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IMLeagues has saved our program time and money. Our students love it and we are happy to be apart of it!
- Charles Judkins, UAB
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The modern student lives in an online-customizable world. Don't punish them with more paperwork and boring bulletin boards. ImLeagues has given our students control of their intramural sports: Increased communication, schedule access, and interaction. From an administrator’s perspective, I can create more accountability for every participant.
- Glenn Arnold, Xavier University
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The customer service and response time from the staff is far and away the best I have experienced from a software system.
- Jason Werle, University of South Florida
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At first I was against going completely online for Intramurals, because I didnt think that students would enjoy it and I thought it would be complicated and time consuming. I was completely wrong. imleagues.com has completely enhanced our Intramural Department. The ability to send out mass emails to leagues, divisions, all participants, etc... at the click of a button is outstanding. I also enjoy having the schedules live as soon as I create them. I am thoroughly impressed with imleagues.com
- Brian Arnold, Gardner Webb University
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I have been with IMLeagues for 3 years and used the system on two campuses successfully. Our students love the system by being able to access their intramural information by a simple click of the mouse 24 hours a day. The IMLeagues staff has been incredibly helpful with any problems that have occurred, and made incredible improvements that has just made my job so much easier. IMLeagues has cut our paperwork out by over 75% and reduced the amount of tedious work with scheduling leagues, divisions, and tournaments. The biggest factor is that the website has reduced my stress levels by a huge amount, and it has given me more time to focus on staff development and future programming ideas. IMLeagues is by far the best online system out there regardless of the size of your department or institution. Thank you guys and keep up the great work!
- Rob Latva, University of Evansville